Torvin – Power Electronics & Technologies is the India’s most experienced Company for providing the best audio solution and services.

We are committed to deliver innovative products to meet the purpose and requirements in different areas to make the customers feel the quality and satisfaction. We believe that the best way to do this is through deep understanding of customer’s expectation and desire.


At Torvin we aim to make products that are designed and manufactured in India with an assured quality to meet the International standard.

We take pride in encouraging the drive to “Make in India” to push forward indigenous development.

Be it an audio electronic design or wooden cabinet design or acoustic calculations or amplifier mechanical design, it is individually created, designed and developed by him on his own.   He has spent hours and hours in the research and development of audio products.   M John Thankachan developed truly remarkable hi-end speakers and amplifiers, ensures that each and every product he designs, delivers top-notch performance with a long operating life.  

M John Thankachan is a multi-talented, multi-tasking, technically knowledgeable, audio passionate, audio service engineer and audio system designer. He purely believes in hard-work often works for 18 hours a day.  Hard-work, determination, self-discipline and self-mastery are the important elements for his success and this helped him to achieve this length of milestone. His promising personality, enthusiasm for music, commitment to quality, dedication on work and perseverance are his strengths.  He keeps a wide perspective about his doings and has great intellect.

He is well recognized in the global market by many audio giants and audio Aficionados.  

A famous quote says “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration” – M John Thankachan is proof of the above words.

In 1980s, he realized the need for our Indians to overcome the challenges in service of audio systems of various foreign brands. People buy high-end audio systems from foreign countries; but when it requires service it was a difficult task for them to get it repaired in India.  There was lack of spare and technical support from the manufacturers.  This made him to start his own establishment to provide authentic service for audio systems.  His service center is equipped to service any international brand systems, Right from the first sounding vacuum tube technology to the technology of digital sounding systems.

The people’s obsession with foreign brands, made him to think why can’t we Indians design and manufacture audio systems at international standards?  The Answer is YES.  We, Indians can also make such products at an affordable price.  This will solve the hitches in serviceability and affordability of such highly-priced foreign brands.   He then started to design his own audio systems in the brand name ‘Torvin’ complimenting the quality equal to that of the other hi-end audio systems at a convincing price.   He picked up the threads of the art and technology, entwined them and crafted exquisite systems.    M John Thankachan designs his products by ear, built-by hand and made for one reason: to enhance the experience of music listening.  Being an ardent music lover and audio engineer, he easily understands what his customer wants.

He is expertise in developing customized audio products as per the specification of the customers.  He has developed many such customized audio products for ISRO, ECIL, Small Savings Department and many television studios.

TORVIN products are indigenously designed and manufactured in India with an assured quality to meet the International standards.   The design and quality of TORVIN audio systems compete with all the best brands in the world at an economic price range.  

For the past three decades, Torvin has manufactured over 500 varieties of highly distinctive and unique range of speakers, amplifiers, home-theater systems, innovative and customized audio products.  Torvin products are known for its quality consistency, aesthetic look and value for money; matching the imported brands’ performance and quality.

M John Thankachan has done significant contribution and incomparable service to the Indian audio industry for the past 40 years.  Indians across the globe have proved their ability and talent in various fields.  M John Thankachan is one such Patriotic Indian who has proved that Indians are more talented and capable to encounter the global market.

The audio systems of various international high-end brands which need service are reliably serviced by him, without spoiling its originality.   Many such audio systems are serviced by him for the past 4 decades, which benefitted many audiophiles and music lovers.  

Well aware of the complications in the serviceability and affordability of foreign audio systems, he started designing his own Hi-end audio systems in the brand name ‘Torvin’ at quality equal to that of imported hi-end audio systems at one-third of its price.    He creates his products by dedicated enthusiasm, combining his technical skill and musical sensitivity.

He owns the privilege of introducing the first home-theater system in India, in 1996.  The products developed by him in the brand ‘Torvin’ is the one and only Indian audio brand to compete international brands.   He developed hundreds of customized audio products focused on the requirement of clienteles like ISRO, ECIL, Television channels, etc.    

During his initial stages, he had many hurdles to bring his dream of developing a high-end product into reality.  There were no technology support, no testing laboratory; it was One-Man army that had turned now to this present successful brand.  

His research, development, creation, innovation, production and service are continuing still endlessly.  

He successfully accomplished his innovations and proved that Indian products are no-less than international products in terms of design, construction, performance, aesthetic and finish.   He spent his lifetime to achieve this goal.  

The products he developed and represented in global audio industry are the one and only indigenous Indian audio product, that weighs the power and ability of our country.  

He is extremely proud to say that His products are ‘Made in India’.  He proudly embossed a logo that says “It is Indian” in the products he developed and manufactured.  

The products he developed in the brand name ‘Torvin’ are hand crafted in India, MAKING INDIA PROUD.  The superior quality products developed by him competes international brands, thus offering the BEST INDIAN AUDIO PRODUCT at an affordable price.

His design markup many other special features that includes: His products are designed to meet out the Indian climatic conditions, voltage supply and mainly to reproduce both Indian and western music.  

His ability in servicing the audio systems of ancient valve technology versions to the latest digital technology versions facilitated many audiophiles and music lovers to restore their valuable high-end audio systems.  

He has won a number of awards for his achievements and services he offered to the audio industry. 

The leading industry magazine AVMAX which featured him with the sobriquet “he is a structural audio engineer and audio enthusiast” in their Dec 2000 issue.  Many leading newspapers and magazines have featured him on various occasions.

M John Thankachan is a good natured, optimistic person.  His life is always merged well with the Universal mantra “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”.  He has a wealth of experience, knowledge; and a passion for audio gained from over forty years of service.

For the benefit of audio-enthusiasts, electronic students and future generation,  M John Thankachan is preserving a huge collection of vintage audio products like gramophones, spool players, vacuum-tube amplifiers, radios of various international brands.  Books, magazines, musical instruments, CDs, DVDs, LDs, vinyl and spool records also occupies a prime place in his office and living. 

M John Thankachan

M John Thankachan is a highly commendable person, an eminent amplifier and speaker designer, expertise in hi-end audio servicing, founder of legendary audio brand Torvin.  

With the abundant gratitude he had for our nation, M John Thankachan dedicated his life-time in the service and design of hi-fi audio systems in India.   

M John Thankachan for the benefit of audiophiles in India and for portraying Indian audio industry in global market, he simply neglected several work opportunities offered to him in abroad, and stubbornly stood for our country and its dignity.

To make our country proud in international market, he design and manufacture analog audio systems at international standards; competing any international brand high end audio systems.   His innovations and striving efforts to develop high-end audio systems in India, has established a strong position for our country in global audio industry thus MAKING INDIA GREAT.  He takes pride in encouraging the drive “Make in India”. 

Since his childhood, M John Thankachan showed great interest in radio technology and in mending electronic equipments.  He had a broad-vision on his endeavors.  His enthusiasm and passion towards audio electronics drives him to innovate variety of audio systems.  He has made the impossible possible by individually developing more than 500 varieties of audio products which includes hi-end amplifiers, speakers, home-theater systems, innovative audio products, professional audio systems and studio communication systems.

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